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Zad Egypt is a Food& Beverage Concept Development and Consultancy company. With more than 18 years of experience in the field of Food and Beverage, Zad Egypt owns and operates Cuba Cabana Restaurant and Tanoureen Lebanese Restaurant and Grill in Cairo, Egypt.
Boasting a vast array of resources, Zad Egypt works in restaurant management and operation and provides a complete consultancy service for Food and Beverage companies and culinary entrepreneurs all over the Middle East.
From concept and cuisine formulation to daily operation systems all the way through tailored Standard Operating Procedures manuals for all required services, Zad Egypt has taken Food &Beverage and Hospitality Management to a whole new level.
Zad Egypt aims to continue being the leading company in Hospitality Management and F&B Consultancy in Egypt and the Middle East.
Zad Egypt believes in loyal commitment to an exclusive pampering lifestyle. We aim to provide our guests and our clients’ guests with a delightful dining experience that emits a gracious sense to gastronomy.
Integrity: Zad Egypt strives to perform all its consultancy services with integrity expected by its clients.
Commitment: Zad Egypt is committed to achieve its customers' best interest and puts all the needed resources to achieve this commitment.
Creativity: Zad Egypt believes in creativity. Creativity of new concepts, new identities and new brands.
People: Zad Egypt is keen on hiring talents and proudly invests in their growth both personally and professionally.
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